Arkansas Wood-Furniture

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Below are examples of our Arkansas-made Wood Furniture. These items use highest-quality materials and are manufactured by skilled craftsmen with many years of experience.

Additional items can be built to your specifications.

Please contact us for details or a final quote with shipping costs: 479-965-7240

Cedar Adirondack Furniture
photo of Adirondack Furniture set

Cedar Adirondack Chair - $90
Cedar Adirondack Stool - $30
Cedar Adirondack Table - $50

Adirondack Bench

Cedar Adirondack Bench - $200

Other Cedar Furniture

Heavy Duty Cedar Chair

Heavy Duty Cedar Chair - $90

Heavy Duty Cedar Bench

Heavy Duty Cedar Bench - $200

Cedar Chest

Swing Set
Cedar Chest

Medium Size Cedar Chest, Unfinished - $130
16 inches wide X 16 inches deep X 36 inches long

Cedar Swing-Set

Cedar Swing-Set - $125

Heart Table

Cedar Heart-Table

Cedar Heart-Table - $20

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