People and Places in the Book

Book cover - photo

The book cover shows Fred Bartsch resting in the yard of his Arkansas home.  Fred was born in 1910 and was ninety years old when the photo was taken.  He is the source of much of the material used in the book. 

Hopefully the stories told in this book will encourage others to document the recollections of their elderly relatives.  Descendants will find it more interesting to know that Great Uncle Albert had a nasty temper or that Great Aunt Ethel had a drinking problem than to merely know their birth and death dates.  Brief tales that highlight incidents in a person's life will make them seem more alive for future generations. 

Logan County, Arkansas

Photo of Paris, AR in 1902

Paris, Logan County, AR, in 1902.

View from Magazine Mountain

View from Gutter Rock on Magazine Mountain - About 1920.

A photo taken at the top of Piney Ridge near Paris, AR

On Pine Ridge near Paris, Arkansas - About 1935.

A Family in a wagon on a road in woods near Paris, AR

The rugged road to town... Near Subiaco, Arkansas - About 1936.

Bartsch Family

Wedding Photo of Martin Bartsch

Wedding photo of Martin Bartsch and Katy Vonderheide taken in Paris, AR - 1904.

Fred Bartsch plowing with mules

Fred Bartsch plowing with mules Dinah and Jake on the family farm near Subiaco, AR - About 1930.

photo of Bartsch children with mules - 1931

Bartsch children with mules on the family farm near Subiaco, AR - 1931.

Fred Bartsch with pigs

Fred Bartsch in the pigpen with a mother pig and piglets near Subiaco, AR - About 1935.

Wagner Family

Joseph Wagner in army - 1899

Joe Wagner in the army before the head injury that caused him to go insane - About 1899.

Theodore Wagner plowing - 1905

Theodore Wagner, plowing on the family farm in Greasy Valley, Logan County, AR - About 1905.

Steam engine with Theodore Wagner in 1910

Steam engine driven by Theodore Wagner pulling a road grader in Logan County, Arkansas.   About 1910.

Wagners and friends playing cards - 1915

Playing Cards on the farm near Subiaco, AR. Charles Wagner (holding a rifle) with Theodore Wagner seated next to him.   About 1915.

Huber Family

Charles Huber with wife and daughters

Charles Huber with wife Anna and daughters - About 1925.

Children of Wenzel Huber

Children of Wentzel Huber - About 1901.

Marie and Bertha Huber fixing the clothes line

Marie and Bertha Huber repairing a clothesline on the family farm near Paris, Arkansas - About 1922.

Marie Huber and family car

Marie Huber on the family farm near Paris, Arkansas - About 1935.

Pertler Family

Theresa Pertler and Anna Pertler - About 1894

Theresa Pertler holding her daughter, Bertha. Anna Pertler (standing) - About 1894.

Andrew Pertler - 1940

Andrew Pertler in Minnesota - 1940.

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